¿What are the CryptoBrijes?

Art, historical value, just plain fun!

Cryptobrijes is the first hybrid Avatar NFT project, in the sense that each piece of the collection is the result of physical craftmanship and effort in the real world,then, each part of this art is divided within the whole collection by computer-code, generating unique avatar-creatures with a sense of "realism" that you simply can not get from drawings and 3D art. Much more than a code generated collection, is one in which every trait is phisically worked by an expert artist with traditional methods like sculpting, paper machie techniques and painting by hand, all this work is then digitalized and turned into unique NFTs for you to collect. By getting a Cryptobrije you will also unlock exclusive perks just for owners, you will get the opportunity to get unique and rare cryptobrijes on community exclusive-raffles, even win an ultra-rare "ORIGIN" CryptoBrije which incluide the NFT AND the physical piece, and much more. This is not just a collection where a bunch of paint is thrown around or ramdomly placed in order to quickly create 10,000+ pieces, but each "ORIGIN" CryptoBrije is carefully planed to be compatible with the others, to be combined and then digitalized by expert photographers. The original pieces are several traits of 30 animal species that combined, gives us 15,000 unique pieces (although, more than 80,000 combinations would be possible) with different rarity levels, and also... They just look so awesome, don´t you think? to know more about this click on the button.

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¿Why should I get one?

Imagine the historical value of getting a piece of the first collection of the now so sought after NFT avatas, but with all that traditional art implies, hours of detailed craftmanship, the effort and thought put into every single piece, every brush stroke and every little stone embed into the piece. The CryptoBrijes merge together the popular-traditional art, and being generated by programming formulas so not even the artist knows how all of them are going to look at the end since they are all unique, and however the same artist worked on each of the pieces that the collection is made of.

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Our process

We think code generated collections are amazing, in fact, that´s why we achieved to get that into the mix, however, we think that what´s missing from the equation is that thought, effort and creative process that a human artist bring to the pieces, therefore, we created this unique collection by keeping equilibrium between the art that we want to express and also what you as a collector want. Cool pieces that look great as collectibles and avatars but also that you can see and feel the craft and art that is in every NFT piece.
Antonio Arredondo (The artist behind CryptoBrijes) has been awarded with several national prizes for his art work and for rescuing traditional techniques, he is also a plastic artist with a technologic background and a major in communication and marketing, so you know this project has a bright future for collectors, enthusiasts and investors alike.

Our team


Tonny "Poker" Arredondo

A fructigus cognoscitur arbor,

The artist behind CryptoBrijes and Team leader of this project. Tonny is a full artist, as sculptor, painter, designer and also performer (He is also a magician). His artistic vision bring the real and digital world together in this amazing collection.
Tonny has a communication degree and has specialized in marketing, he has traveled all over the world with his art in different mediums.
Get to know more about the work of the author of your next great investment.


Abraham "ArblakBones" Pérez

How Beautiful,

A wizard of the lense and composition, he is our chief photographer, and the one in charge to make your NFT`s look even more awesome.
Also a communicator, he teaches photography and has worked with prestigious agencies and companies.
The light and shadows of your CryptoBrijes are in good hands.


Karol"Shinini" Guerrero

That´s awesome!,

Always an optimistic, she is a talented photographer and a light hearted human being, a not so undercovered agent on refraction and visual arts.
She has a lot of imput on the creative process and photo sessions.
Thanks to people like Shinini, the team in charge of this project will deliver you something that will hold and raise it`s value on years to come.


René "Kermit" Chávez

What can I help you with, friend?,

René is the connection with our community, he is in charge of the social media, getting the news about Nft`s around and also he is the artistic assistant for the actual physical CryptoBrijes.
A born entrepreneur, he is always willing to take a challenge, a great asset for the Cryptobrijes team.
An artist himself and an incredible person, as we are sure all the members of our community are.


Ken Arthur Bassing

Memento Mori

An NFT advisor on the project. Ken is a crypto investment analyst for renowned companies Linq Liquidity among others. His experience in the NFT space is well versed and professional. He graduated in Financial Management, has been in the crypto game for years, and manages a private fund with various NFTs under its asset classes.